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Camp Registrations are taken in the Rec Office 9:30-3:30 or online beginning Feb. 4th for Beekman residents.

All CAMPER REGISTRATION FORMS must be submitted in their entirety prior to registering for any camp session.  Please allow up to 2 business days for review.  Once the forms are approved you will receive a receipt for a "2020 Camp Membership"  and then you can proceed to registering your child.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!

Each session will have an exciting theme around which fun activities will be planned.

Beekman Rec offers a summer of friendship and fun in the outdoors.

The goal of the camp program is to provide campers with unique, safe and engaging experiences that spark creativity, encourage friendship, build self confidence and make life long memories!

Scroll through our photo albums on Facebook; many of them are from previous summers, and more get put up each week!

Camp T-shirts
Show pride in your camp by wearing the specially designed Camp T-shirt! Each year the design changes to match the theme for the summer. Orders must be placed by June 14th in order to have them in time for the start of camp.

What makes us Special?
  • Campers are divided into developmentally appropriate age groups led by 2 or more counselors that care for those children: looking out for their needs, getting to know them and helping them build friendships. Tentatively our groups are (Grades K-1), (Grades 2-3) , (Grades 4-5) & (Grades 6-9). If registrations require it, each group may be split into two sub-groups or divided differently to accommodate camper registrations.
  • In addition, we have a Sports group for campers entering grades 4-9 who prefer a sports emphasis in their programming
  • Specialty Counselors! design fun and engaging activities in nature and science, arts and crafts and drama and link those activities to each session's theme
  • SWIM LESSONS are offered for Campers (K-3) in our two-week sessions pending staff availability and weather conditions
  • Adventure TRIPS for older campers in our two-week sessions pending weather conditions and availability of volunteer advanced First Aiders
  • We have a phenomenal Leadership training program for youth entering grades 9th-12th they will have the opportunity to develop leadership skill under the guidance of a staff member specifically trained to work with teens!
  • We have a unique spirit and traditions!
  • We are a family with many of our favorite counselors returning!
  • Fun and educational themes and character values
  • We host Special Events like parties, special guests, all-camp activities, and camper shows & performances
  • We have the WHOLE park to ourselves in the morning! We use it to have a new and fun All-Camp activity each day. Favorites include: mystery scavenger hunts, outrageous obstacle courses, team building challenges,and ultimate relays

A "Plake" Makes Us Special! What is a "plake"????
  • A “plake” combines the best part of a pool and the best part of a lake!
  • Like a lake we have fresh water! And it is continually drawn from a creek into the plake!
  • Like a pool, the water is filtered and chlorinated!
  • The bottom of the plake is bulldozed and cleaned each spring with new stone and sand spread, so there is no muck or weeds!
  • Like a lake there is a sandy beach which the campers LOVE to build and play in during their beach time!
  • Like a lake, we are larger than a poo,l and have cute little round boats called CORCLs.
  • The morning beach period is available for lessons by Red Cross instructors for the youngest campers as staff availability allows.
  • The afternoon is free swim and sand play for all campers!

Sample Day
7-9am Optional Before-Care**
9:00 Parent Sign-in, lunch orders
9:20 All-Camp Opening
9:45 Games
10:30 Swim Lessons or free swim
11:15 Arts & Crafts
12:00 Lunch
12:45 Drama
1:30 Nature
2:15 Camper Choice
3:00 Free Swim
3:45 Clean-up & Closing
4:00 Parent Sign-out
4 - 6pm Optional After-Care**
**additional fee

Sample of 9:20 All-Camp Activities
  • Flag raising
  • Announcements
  • Songs and Chants
  • Fun Skits
  • Large group games

My Kindergarten aged child is ready for camp if he/she can:
  • Follow directions and stay with the group
  • Dress oneself in and out of bathing suit
  • Keep track of one's belongings
  • Use the toilet independently
  • Wash one's hands after using the toilet
  • Refill one's water bottle
  • Put on sunscreen

What to Bring to Camp
  • All items must be labeled!
  • Bathing suit and towel
  • Sunscreen (must be able to self-apply)
  • Lunch or EXACT change in an envelope or baggie with a LUNCH ORDER FORM
  • Water bottle
  • Rain gear - we love to have fun in the rain!
  • Optional: money for drink or ice cream at the Ice Cream Shack
  • Please leave toys and electronics at home! Campers should not have cell phones; if you need to get a message to your camper, please call the Camp Office at 223-3388
  • We are not responsible for the loss of valuables!

Annual Forms and Medical Records
The Health Department requires your child’s health records be updated annually. All Camper Registration forms will be due prior to registering for any camp session. Forms must be submitted to the Recreation Office (not the camp office) for review which can take up to 2 business days. Once forms are approved a child will be given a "FREE" 2020 Camp Membership and then can be registered for camp. All forms are available at the link above or in the Recreation Office.
1. Drop Off/PickUp/Emergency Adult Form
2. Camper Background Form
3. Child Health History Form
4. Immunization Record Form
(signed by Physician)
5. Mandatory Physician’s Orders
(Completed by the Physician)
6. Behavior Agreement
7. CORCL Form

Safety & Training
All staff participate in extensive training in programming, child development and safety. Our Camp Director and her Assistant are certified in First Aid and CPR/AED Certification. Many of our counselors are CPR and/or First Aid Certified. All staff have had mandatory background checks with NYSDCJS Sex Offender Registry

Camp Hours
  • Camp operates 9am-4pm
  • Please do not arrive early as staff are busy preparing for the day; if you need to drop off early, we have a Before-Care program at an additional fee; please register and pay for that program separately
  • If you cannot pick up your child at 4pm, we are offering an After-care program at an additional fee; please register and pay for that program separately

Camper Drop Off & Pick Up Adult Requirements
1. The Rec Department requires a “Drop off/Pick Up/Emergency Adult” form for each child in a Rec Program, other than a Leadership Program. Please list all adult persons who may be considered to drop off or pick up your child. Please ensure there are adults on the list that are available within 15 minutes in case an early pick up is required due to illness or emergency. Also ensure there are adults on the list that are available within 15 minutes in the event the normal person picking up gets stuck in traffic or has some other emergency.
2. All persons on the form, and who drop off/sign in your child and who pick up/sign out your child MUST be aged eighteen or older. While we understand it is difficult to get here on time to pick up your child sometimes, we cannot allow children to be signed out to any underage person(s). This is extremely important; if an ID says a person is under the age of eighteen, your child will not be released to them.
3. If you would like to add someone to your emergency list sometime after you submit it, we require an email or a signed note from the parent/guardian specifying who you will be adding to the list, as well as a phone number for that person in case of emergencies.
4. According to Beekman Recreation Pick-up Policy children must be picked up at or before the scheduled time. It is the parent/guardians’ responsibility to have a back-up plan should there be an issue that would cause a late pick up from any program. Late pick-ups may jeopardize a child’s placement in the program. If a child is picked up late 3 times within a 6 month period the child may be removed from the Rec Programs. Parents of children who are not picked up on time will be charged a $1/minute Late Pick-up Fee. The child may not be able to continue participating in the program until the fee has been received.
5. Camp drop-off begins promptly at 9 AM. Unless you have signed up for early care you will NOT be allowed to sign in your child until 9 AM. If you would like early care, you must sign up for it prior to the day you need it. If you come to early care and request we accept your child after not signing up, we will not be able to accommodate you.
6. The signature of an adult that is listed on the “Drop off/Pick Up/Emergency Adult” form is required in the morning to sign your child into camp. Please do not send your child into camp using service, such as a taxi, an Uber, a Lyft, etc., as this person IS NOT on your emergency contact list and WOULD NOT be allowed to sign your child into camp. This rule is also being enforced for the safety of your child; some of these services may be unreliable and if your child does not show up at camp, we will not have a way to get in touch with them and it may be difficult for you to get in touch with them as well.

Registration Dates
  • Get the Early Bird Discount NOW! Register prior to May 1st, 2020 to receive discount!
  • Beekman* Parents/Guardians Only: Beginning 2/4 weekdays 9:30-3:30 in the Rec Office, or 24 hours/day online*
  • Non-Residents: Beginning 4/14, weekdays 9:30-3:30 in the Rec Office, or 24 hours/day online*
  • Online camp Registration CLOSES at 3:00pm two Fridays prior to a session starting. After that date you can register in the office if you BRING the completed Camper Registration Forms with you!

Session Dates/Camper Fees*

Session I ----- June 29th - July 10th
Session II ---- July 13th - July 24th
Session III ---- July 27th - August 7th
Session IV ---- August 10th - August 21st

Are discounted for those who register prior to May 1st:
Two week sessions: $325R; $4000NR

Beginning May 2nd the fees are:
Two week sessions: $340R; $425NR

**All online registrations will be charged a 3.25% Convenience Fee to cover the cost of bank fees charged to the Town for this service.

*Annual Proof of Residency
*To be eligible for Town of Beekman resident discounts for programs, proof of residency is checked annually for all participants, including those who have previously been enrolled. We will check the tax rolls but depending on the outcome, you may be asked to provide:
1. Bills to your address, AND
2. Proof of identity in the form of a Government Issued Photo ID

Discounts & Fees
  • There is an Early Bird registration discount for anyone who registers prior to May 1st (see notes under "Fees" above)
  • There is a multiple child discount for children in the same family and household, that register for same program, the same session, and the same length of time. The discount can only be applied in the office (10% for each child after first 2 children).

Program Transfer Fee
There is a $10 fee anytime a participant changes sessions, dates, or programs

Refund Policy & Procedures
  • All cancellation/refund requests must be in writing
  • A prorated refund minus a $15 Cancellation Fee will be applied only if a replacement can be found
  • A Doctor’s note is required prior to the end of the program for requests related to illness or accident
  • A full refund will be given for any program cancelled by the Recreation Department due to lack of enrollment.
  • No refunds are made due to acts of God/weather if the Town has already incurred expenses
  • No refunds are made due to dismissal from a program due to behavioral issues

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the earliest I can drop my child off for camp? Day camp hours are from 9am-4pm. There is a Before-Care program available at an additional fee $70/session for residents, $100/session for non-residents available from 7:00am-9:00am. This is for preregistered campers ONLY. Early drop-offs may jeopardize your child’s placement in the program.

When should I pick up my child? Pick-up is at 4pm sharp. Day Camp staff clean-up, and have a daily recap meeting after all campers are picked up. For those who cannot make a 4pm pick up we offer an After-Care program until 6pm for an additional fee. It is the parents’ responsibility to have a back up plan should there be an issue that would cause a late pick up from any program. Late pick-ups may jeopardize a child’s placement in the program. Parents of children who are not picked up on time will be charged a $1/minute Late Pick up fee.

What is the camp’s behavior and discipline policy? The staff will create a warm and caring atmosphere with established rules to ensure the emotional and physical safety of all. There will be consistent consequences to children who have difficulty following the rules that include, verbal warning, time out, exclusion from activity, parental consultation, early pick-up by parent, suspension and/or removal from the program without refund. All parent/guardians and their campers must sign the agreement prior to coming to camp. It can be found in its entirety here: Camp Behavior and Discipline Policy

Does my child need to bring lunch every day? You may choose to pack your child a lunch or send EXACT CHANGE with a LUNCH ORDER FORM. We ask that you do not send anything in breakable containers. In addition you are free to send a small amount of money for drinks and ice cream at the Snack Shack.

Are swim lessons offered during camp?
Pending staff availability and weather conditions, our youngest campers may be offered swim lessons some mornings during two week sessions ONLY. All campers have a free swim in the afternoon. In addition, swim lessons are offered at 4:00pm - 6pm after camp by through a separate registration. Children registered for after camp swim lessons need to be signed out of camp by a parent, approved adult, or After-Care staff (w/written permission from parent/guardian), and then taken over to swim lessons.

My child wants to be on Swim Team, can he/she leave camp and walk over to Swim Team? Swim Team members must be signed out of camp by a parent, approved adult, or After-Care staff (w/written permission from parent/guardian), and taken over to Swim Team. The Swim Coaches are busy training team members and cannot be responsible for children at other times and locations.

What health and safety regulations do you follow? Beekman Day Camp adheres to the State Sanitary Code as outlined by the New York State Department of Health. A Safety Plan is reviewed annually and is on file with the health department and in the Recreation Office.

Are your staff trained? Beekman Day Camp staff meet all training requirements as outlined by New York State. Our staff are required to attend multiple mandatory in-service training sessions which cover a wide variety of topics. In addition, Camp Directors have first aid/CPR/AED training. We also have many counselors who are CPR and/or First Aid certified. We feel that being well prepared to handle all aspects of camp makes the summer a great experience for both campers and staff.

How old are your counselors? NYS allows for camp counselors to be 16 years old. Beekman Day Camp is fortunate to have many veteran staff members who are in college majoring in Education. We also have several staff members who are teachers.

What happens during bad weather? There is dangerous weather, and there is just rain. Campers should dress for rain and we will have lots of fun in it! We are fortunate to have a few options when the weather gets dangerous. Campers go to the nearest shelter: either the Community Center or the Pavilion. We have a variety of games and activities set aside for just such occasions.

Can my child bring in personal belongings/toys from home? Beekman Day Camp is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items. We encourage you to have your child keep personal belongings, especially electronics equipment (including cell phones), at home; they can be a big disruption to our camp day. Items brought from home may need to be taken by the directors and placed in the camp office until the end of the day. Please help us out by monitoring what your child brings to camp.

* Adjustments and discounts will be applied during checkout if applicable. *

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