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Disclaimer, Refund, Behavior Policies

Beekman Recreation and Parks Disclaimer

Release: I understand there are risks of physical injury in participating in sports and recreational activities or programs. I give permission for the person I am registering (myself or my child/ward) to participate in programs sponsored by the Town of Beekman Department of Recreation & Parks. I release the Town of Beekman, its officers and its Directors from any liability from any injury or loss suffered during this program. I further state that said person is in good health and medical condition unless otherwise indicated. I agree that any letters, projects, photos and videos made during the program are the property of the Town of Beekman and as such can be used for display purposes and promotional materials.
I hereby consent to emergency medical procedures deemed advisable for me if I am unable to communicate, or for my child in the event I cannot be reached and my child has sustained an injury. The Town of Beekman Department of Recreation & Parks does not provide accident or hospitalization insurance for participants of its programs. All participants are advised to have adequate personal coverage. I have considered participant's own health, experience, and tolerance for risk before participating registering for this program.

I further agree to the Program Registration Policies, and if I am registering a child, I agree to the “Program Registration Policies” and the Behavior Guidelines and Discipline Policy” as defined below: Program Registration Policies

Program Registration Policies

Definition of "Household" and "Family"
A household is a family with up to 2 parents and their unmarried children under 24 years of age living permanently in the residence; if there are multiple generations living at the same residence, each must set up their own account.  If a Family Membership is purchased, it is for the Family as defined above and no other individuals.

Annual Proof of Residency: To be eligible for Town of Beekman resident discounts for programs, proof of residency must be provided in the form of: 1. A tax or utility bill, AND 2. Proof of identity in the form of a Government Issued Photo ID

First Come First Served Policy:
Registration for all programs is open first to residents and employees of the Town of Beekman. After the published dates, non-residents will be allowed to register for a higher rate unless specified otherwise.

For most programs to be conducted, a minimum enrollment must be reached. Please do not wait to register. Nothing cancels programs more than waiting until the last minute. Registration is done on a first come, first served basis, with residents and employees given first opportunity.

Methods to Register: All registrations are taken at the Recreation Office in the Gatehouse in RecreationPark beginning with residents on the published dates:

  1. In person registration is received Monday – Friday from 9:30am-3:30pm
  2. After hours completed Registration Forms printed from with a check      payable to “Town of Beekman”      can be left in the Mailbox at the door of the Gatehouse (29 Recreation Center Road).    Registrations received in the mailbox will be confirmed by email, so please be sure to CLEARLY PRINT your email address.

Program Transfer Fees: There is a $10 fee anytime a participant changes sessions, dates or programs


  • All cancellation/refund requests must be in writing
  • A prorated refund minus a $15 Cancellation fee will be applied if a replacement can be found
  • A Doctor’s note is required prior to the end of the program for requests related to illness or accident
  • A full refund will be given for any program cancelled by the Recreation Department due to lack of enrollment.
  • No refunds are made due to acts of God/weather if the Town has already incurred expenses
  • No refunds are made due to dismissal from a program due to behavioral issues

Facility RefundsNo refunds will be made for cancellations 2 months or closer to the event, unless another renter is found. In that case 25% of fee will be retained for processing and the remainder returned.

All other cancellations will incur a $15 Cancellation Fee.

Weather Related Cancellations: All program and event cancellations are kept current on the Recreation Department website. Many of our programs follow the Arlington Central School District calendar. This includes weather related delays and cancellations.
Behavior Guidelines and Discipline Policy
Beekman Rec Mission Statement: The mission of the Town of Beekman Recreation & Parks Department is to provide recreational opportunities which will encourage a healthy and active lifestyle.  We strive to promote lifelong leisure skills and to enhance the quality of life and sense of community for all residents of the Town of Beekman.

Behavior Guidelines and Discipline Policy

Expectations of Parents

  • Child’s health and emergency information will be kept up to date; the Rec Office will be informed of any changes
  • Children with a fever or contagious illness must be kept home
  • For programs requiring a “sign-out a parent, or designated adult as indicated on Registration Form, will come with photo ID and sign child out
  • Parents will support Beekman Rec expectations of children and the discipline policy
  • Parents will be available, or have an emergency contact that is available, to pick up their child immediately in the event of an injury, a health, or a discipline issue

Expectations of Children: We expect the children in our programs to be a positive part of our caring community:  staff model, and children are guided, to be kind, considerate, caring and helpful

  • Children will be honest
  • Children are responsible for their own belongings
  • Children are responsible for controlling their own behavior keeping their hands and bodies to themselves
  • Children will be toilet trained unless in care giver and me programs
  • Children are respectful to staff and listen to staff with a caring heart
  • Children are respectful to each other conducting themselves in a courteous manner
  • There will be no bullying
  • Children will treat belongings, equipment and the park with care
  • Children will discard their own garbage
  • Children will not bring valuables or electronic equipment to the program
  • Indoors, there will be no running, cart wheels, or throwing balls; but we will have time for that outside!
  • Children will stay with the group

If the above rules are not followed we will adhere to the discipline policy below

Discipline Policy

The staff will create a warm and caring atmosphere with established rules to ensure the emotional and physical safety of all.  There will be consistent consequences to children who have difficulty following the rules that include, verbal warning, time out, exclusion from activity, parental consultation, early pick-up by parent, suspension and/or removal from the program without refund.

1st Offense - the child will be warned verbally by a staff member.

2nd Offense - the child will be warned along with a 5-10 minute time out from the activity.

3rd Offense - a parent will be called for immediate pick-up from a short term program and for a consultation in a long term program.  If after the consultation there is a 4th Offense the parent will be called for immediate pick-up.

The Recreation Director reserves the right to ban any child from attending Rec programs based on repeated offenses at Rec programs.

In registering my child for a Beekman Recreation programs, I am agreeing to explain the expectations to my child and to support the Expectations and the Discipline Policy.