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Recreation Park, Pavilion


Facility Information

49 Recreation Center Rd
Hopewell Junction, NY 12533

General Information
  • 10 picnic tables
  • Garbage Pails provided, but renter must line with bags and bring all trash to dumpster
  • Bathroom key available with security deposit when water is turned on (water is turned off mid-Oct. to mid-April) General public can use bathrooms if they are open
  • This is an outdoor pavilion: natural debri and signs of wildlife are likely to be present
  • Call the Rec Office to check availability
  • There is NO PUBLIC WiFi.

Weekend Fees
$100 rent for Beekman residents, $175 for non-residents

Instructor Hourly Fees
$15/hour if 70% of students are residents of Beekman; otherwise $25/hour

Cash Security Deposits
  • $100 additional, returanable, cash security required week of event for the Pavilion
  • Second $100 returnable, cash security required for bathroom key 
  • Third $100 returnable, cash secuity required if outside entertainment is scheduled

Weeknight Party In The Park
  • Weekday evening parties on select evenings in June, July and August from 6-8pm
  • You provide food, decorations, and up to 25 guests
  • The Rec provides a program area and party area; staff, and clean up at 8pm.  Choose one of the following
    • 6-7pm Swim session on the Camp Beach, 7-8pm Under the Pavilion
    • 6-7pm Mini Golf; 7-8pm Under the Pavilion
  • Fees:  $125R$150NR, $100 Beach Members
  • Click here to link to the webpage about the Weeknight Parties

  • The renter is the responsible for the actions of their attendees No smoking allowed in pavilion; there is a designated area on the south side of the mini golf course
  • No alcohol allowed Propane grills must be placed at least 10 feet from buildings
  • If charcoal grills are used they must be placed at least 10 feet from buildings & use care when disposing of coals Children must be supervised in all areas of the park
  • Some forms of entertainment will require a Certificate of Insurance as described in our Policies
  • Follow the checklist/s sheet closely when cleaning up after event in order to get security deposit back
  • All signs and/or balloons posted within the Town & Park must be removed within 24 hours or a $100 portion of security deposit will be withheld
  • Use good judgment when decorating: nothing is to be stapled or tacked to walls, posts, trim or ceiling
  • Decorations and tape must be removed completely from pavilion, posts, tables, etc.
  • Any false fire alarms set off will result in forfeiture of security
  • If applicable, return key and complete bathroom checklist to get additional security deposit back