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Beekman Rec is thrilled to be offering device free, outdoor camp experience this summer.  Due to COVID-19 Requirements there are many changes to the program we used to run, but we are excited to continue our tradition of offering fun and friendship for children! The goal of the camp program is to provide campers with unique, safe and engaging experiences that spark creativity, encourage friendship, build self confidence, and make life long memories! Scroll through our photo albums on Facebook  to see some of the fun we've had in previous summers!

Please read through everything carefully to ensure you understand how the camp will operate this summer!

The Parent Forms Packet and the Physician's Form must be submitted in their entirety and approved prior to registering for any camp session.    Once the forms are approved you will receive a receipt for a "2021 Camp Membership"  and then you can proceed to registering your child on the dates listed below.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!  We recommend you do this right away so that when registration opens, you will be ready!  See more details below about how to register.

Beekman Day Camp 2021 Information, Guidelines, Policies and Procedures for Parents
Beekman Recreation values and prioritizes the health of its patrons, campers and staff.  We are committed to implementing the best practices for the 2021 summer season and adhering to the COVID requirements from the NYS DOH and the CDC.  This is a fluid situation and guidelines may and will change along the way.  While things will not be the same as previous years, we are thrilled to be able to offer fun in the sun!  We hope you will be able to join us and remain flexible as we adapt to any ongoing changing situations! As of this writing, we wanted to provide you with a partial list of guidelines, procedures and requirements that you should be aware of and agree to so that we can partner with you to provide the safest possible camp experience for your child.

More information will be posted as it become available.  Any updates will be emailed to families who have already registered for camp.

A "Plake" Makes Us Special! What is a "plake"????
  • A “plake” combines the best part of a pool and the best part of a lake!
  • Like a lake we have fresh water! And it is continually drawn from a creek into the plake!
  • Like a pool, the water is filtered and chlorinated!
  • The bottom of the plake is bulldozed and cleaned each spring with new stone and sand spread, so there is no muck or weeds!
  • Like a lake there is a sandy beach which the campers LOVE to build and play in during their beach time!
  • Like a lake, we are larger than a poo,l and have cute little round boats called CORCLs.
  • The morning beach period is available for lessons by Red Cross instructors for the youngest campers as staff availability allows.
  • The afternoon is free swim and sand play for all campers!

Day Camp Activity Locations
  • Day camp this year will be a totally OUTSIDE experience.
  • In the event of severe storms: camp will be cancelled: If it is predicted for the day, camp will be cancelled for the day; if it is predicted later in the day, you will receive a text message (if your cell and carrier are listed in your account) and an email message to come and pick up your child
  • As a result, each camper must have an adult able to pick them up within 15 minutes notice as described in the Check-out/Dismissal section below
  • Campers will be kept separate from park patrons during their activities.
  • As much as we love visitors, there will be no visitors permitted in the camp area this summer with the exception of patron use of the bathrooms.
  • To ensure bathroom safety: 1) Camp staff will not permit campers into the bathrooms if patrons using them, and 2) The bathrooms will be sanitized multiple times each day
  • To minimize the amount of time spent in the bathrooms, campers are encouraged to wear their bathing suits to camp.

Communication with families
  • We will send out text blasts for weather related changes to those of you who have provided an accurate cell phone number and listed the carrier on your Beekman Rec Account. Log into your Household’s account at and make sure your cell phone number and provider are correct.
  • All communication regarding schedule changes will be via email, so please be sure the email on your Beekman Rec Account is accurate and active.
  • While we always enjoy chatting with the parents of our campers, this year we will have to limit this to appointments only
  • We absolutely want to hear from you, just not at that traditional time when we could talk about the day! Please feel free to email or call 845-223-3388. Leave a message and as soon as we are free, we will return the call.

Camp Sessions: Three two-week sessions and one, one-week Make-Up session starting on these dates:
  • June 28 (no camp on July 5)
  • July 12
  • July 26
  • Aug. 9 (Make up Session – See COVID Quarantine Accommodation below)

Camp Day
  • The camp day will be 9:00– 3:45

Camper Numbers
  • The number of campers will be fewer this year due to the COVID required space limitations that were in place at the time of staff recruitment
  • All campers will be given a “home base” on a picnic table bench in the pavilion for their belongings, their lunch, and to partake in activities like Arts & Crafts

Camper Groups
  • Will be much smaller than previous years due to the COVID requirements that were in place at the time staff were hired
  • That group of children will remain the same for the duration of a session

Camp Programs
Weather permitting all camp programs below will be offered at least one swim time per day, and possibly two.
See next three items for the types of programs: Classic Camp, Sports Camp, and Counselor Apprentice.

Camp Program: Classic Camp
  • Children ENTERING Grades 1-10 in the fall of 2021
  • Children will be grouped by grade/s. The groups will be created after registration to maximize our ability to serve the most campers.
  • The groups will enjoy developmentally appropriate activities for their age.
  • The camp will do its best to honor ONE request for a friend in the same program IF that camper’s parent/guardian makes the reciprocal request and both children are registered for the same session of camp.
  • Program will be customized to the needs and interests of each group with older children having more adventurous programming.
  • Groups will be offered Arts & Crafts, Nature & Science, Drama, games, playground time, group choice time.
  • Swim lessons will be offered to the youngest campers if COVID precautions can be met and qualified staff are available.

Camp Program: Sports Camp
  • Children ENTERING Grades 4-10 in the fall of 2021
  • Designed for the child who needs more physical activity, this group plays sports and games all day and does not participate in the specialty activities.

Camp Program: Counselor Apprentice
  • Unfortunately due to COVID requirements that were in place at the time of staffing we could not offer our very popular Leadership Program to High School-aged youth
  • This year we will be offering a limited program for teen interested in apprenticing with ONE counselor and being with the same camper group the entire day or with a Specialty Counselor.
  • A selective process will be put in place; there are very few spots and priority will be given to those with experience, drive and passion. An application and interview will be part of the process. See this link for the Steps to Apply including a link to the application.

Friend Requests
While we cannot make promises, the camp will do its best to honor ONE request for a friend in the same program IF:
• that camper’s parent/guardian makes the reciprocal request
• both children are in the same grade
• both children are registered for the same session of camp
• the request is made during registration when the question is asked (right before payment is made)

Registration Procedures
No one will be enrolled in camp until all paperwork is completed and approved; the forms are available at these links and it is recommended they be submitted as soon as possible and prior to the registration opening dates!

Enrollment Priority
In order to give all Beekman families a safe Day Camp Opportunity, due to shortened season, and reduced capacity, each child can register for ONE session upon the opening of registration. Registration dates for Sports and Classic Camp:
  • April 6th: enrollment will open for residents and only for the first session of their choice. You must do this registration with office staff.

  • April 20th: enrollment will open for residents for additional sessions. Can be done online or in the office.

  • May 4th: enrollment will open to non-residents based on availability at that time. Can be done online or in the office

Enrollment dates for the Counselor Apprentice program is here Steps to Apply including a link to the application.

Lunch & Refreshments
  • Each child must bring their own lunch in an insulated bag with a frozen ice pack which will sit at their “Home Base” in the pavilion until lunch time.
  • Each child must bring a water bottle filled with water to last the entire day
  • Ice-cream will be sold at the concession window after lunch

  • Sign in will be at 9am! (do not come in earlier as staff will be preparing for the day)
  • Exit your car and enter the fenced area, but do not enter the pavilion
  • Maintain social distance as you wait in line to check-in at the pavilion
  • Please do not send your child into camp using a service, such as a taxi, an Uber, a Lyft, etc., as this person IS NOT on your emergency contact list and WOULD NOT be allowed to sign your child into camp. This rule is also being enforced for the safety of your child; some of these services may be unreliable and if your child does not show up at camp, we will not have a way to get in touch with them and it may be difficult for you to get in touch with them as well.

Early Pick-up
If you need to pick-up your child earlier than dismissal (3:45-4pm), please send them in with a note in the morning so we can be prepared to have your child at the Pavilion when you arrive. If you don’t see anyone, swing over to the Camp Office (by the Concession Window) and ask for one of the Camp Directors.

If something comes up middle of the day, and you need to make an early pick-up, call the camp office at 845-223-3388 and leave a message.

  • Dismissal will be at 3:45-4pm; there is NO AFTER-CARE – children must be picked up no later than 4pm
  • Pick-up adults must have photo ID and be listed on the pick-up list you previously submitted
  • Exit your car, and again, line up by the pavilion, but do not enter it
  • Maintain social distance while you wait in line at the pavilion
  • There will be no camp during severe inclement weather. Due to this limitation it is ESSENTIAL that each child have adults available to pick them up with 15 minutes notice. If a severe storm is on the way, the parent/guardian will receive both an email and cell phone text message notification (if you have provided us a cell phone number and the name of your carrier) and should ensure that there is someone to pick the child up within that 15 minutes of that notification.
  • If a child becomes ill, the parent/guardian will be contacted and should ensure that there is someone to pick the child up within that 15 minutes.
  • Persons who may be coming for pick up must be adults and musts be listed on the “Drop-off Pick-Up Emergency Adult Form” and have photo ID to show the staff. This excludes taxis, Uber, and Lyft.
  • If you would like to add someone to your emergency list sometime after you submit it, we require an email or a signed note from the parent/guardian specifying who you will be adding to the list, as well as a phone number for that person in case of emergencies.

Determine if your child is ready for camp
  • Can use toilet independently
  • Can wear a mask, remove and put on a mask
  • Wash hands after using the toilet
  • Use hand sanitizer
  • Put on sunscreen
  • Keep track of one’s belongings

What to bring to camp each day – label all items!
  • Dress for the weather and have extra clothes in back pack
  • Snockers: Sneakers and socks; there are yellow jackets in the grass, so it is best wear footwear
  • Wear a swim suit under clothing
  • An insulated lunch bag with lunch, drink, dessert and a frozen ice pack to keep it cold; there is NO refrigeration
  • Back pack
  • Rain gear to wear while waiting to be picked up
  • Filled water bottle – if not enough put extra in lunch bag; the water fountain is closed
  • Bandana for games
  • Beach towel or two (in case one gets wet!)
  • Water shoes for stream stomping
  • Sunscreen
  • Dry clothes should your child want to change
  • Optional:
  • Mask – your choice
  • Chilly Mini Cooling Towel (google it!)

Leave Home
  • Expensive toys and electronics
  • Cell phone – these are not permitted in camp. It is unsafe to have children distracted by a phone. If you need to get a message to your child call the camp office at 845-223-3388.

  • Classic Camp and Sports Camp: $340 Residents, $450 Non-residents
  • Counselor Apprentice: $300 Residents, $400 Non-residents
  • Program Transfer Fee: there is a $10 fee anytime a participant changes sessions, dates, or programs

Multiple Child Discount
There is a multiple child discount for children in the same family and household, that register for same program, the same session, and the same length of time. The discount can only be applied in the office (10% for each child after first 2 children).

Arts & Crafts Donations
  • For some of our projects we are collecting the items below. If you have any, send them in with your camper
  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Paper towel tubes
  • Clean, empty cardboard egg carton
  • Cleaned out cans – the size from vegetables, fruits, beans
  • Yarn

Annual Proof of Residency
To be eligible for Town of Beekman resident discounts for programs, proof of residency is checked annually for all participants, including those who have previously been enrolled. We will check the tax rolls but depending on the outcome, you may be asked to provide:
1. Bills to your address, AND
2. Proof of identity in the form of a Government Issued Photo ID

Refund Policy – This was the one previously posted
  • All cancellation/refund requests must be in writing
  • A prorated refund minus a $15 Cancellation Fee will be applied only if a replacement can be found
  • A Doctor’s note is required prior to the end of the program for requests related to illness or accident
  • A full refund will be given for any program cancelled by the Recreation Department due to lack of enrollment.
  • No refunds are made due to acts of God/weather if the Town has already incurred expenses
  • No refunds are made due to dismissal from a program due to behavioral issues

Camp T-shirts
Show pride in your camp by wearing the specially designed Camp T-shirt! Each year the design changes to match the theme for the summer. Orders must be placed by June 14th in order to have them in time for the start of camp.

Register Activity Ages Grades Days Date/Time Fees
  Registration Unavailable
View Registration Eligibility
Classic Camp Session 3 
N/A 1 - 10 MTuWThF  07/26/2021 - 08/06/2021
9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Recreation Park, Pavilion
$340.00 R, $450.00 NR
Children will be grouped with like-aged children. Program will be customized to the needs and interests of each group with older children having more adventurous programming.
   This Activity Full  Log In to Register
Sports Camp Session 3 
N/A 4 - 10 MTuWThF  07/26/2021 - 08/06/2021
9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Recreation Park, Pavilion
$340.00 R, $450.00 NR
Designed for the child who needs more physical activity, this group plays sports and games all day and does not participate in the specialty activities.
   This Activity Full  Log In to Register
Counselor Apprentice Session 3 
N/A 1 - 10 MTuWThF  07/26/2021 - 08/06/2021
9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Recreation Park, Pavilion
$300.00 R, $400.00 NR
Youth in grades 9-10 must first apply and be interviewed for this program
* Adjustments and discounts will be applied during checkout if applicable. *

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