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News: Camptivities Booklet Now Available

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6/29/2020 12:00:00 AM  Jeanne Scigliano 

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Free (to Beekman residents) “Camptivity” Booklets are available in front of the Rec Office in Rec Center Park.

What’s a “camptivity” you ask?
It’s a camp activity adapted for your family to do in our parks this summer!
We selected fun camp activities needing minimal supplies, and have listed possible substitutions you might have in your home!  The activities in the booklet are taken directly from Camp Nature & Science, Camp Arts & Crafts, Camp Drama, and Camp Games.  The Volume 1 edition includes “Mission Possible” orders throughout Rec Center Park!
On nice days beginning Monday, June 29th, from 9:30 to 3:30 you can pick up the latest Camptivity booklet outside the Rec office.  If it’s not nice out, call the office at 845-227-5783 to arrange to pick one up at the office (please wear a mask), or you can download all versions here: 
Camptivity Booklet, Volume 4
Camptivity Booklet, Volume 3
Camptivity Booklet, Volume 2
Camptivity Booklet, Volume 1
Park Lover Activity Booklet, Spring 2020 Edition